Lunch Program

NMS Nutrition Program


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Please feel free to call 494-2349 or e-mail anytime with questions or concerns and I will be happy to assist you

Cafeteria manager: Kim Kitzmiller

Breakfast prices :


Staff- $2.00

Visitor- $2.50


Lunch Prices:

Students- $2.25

Staff- $3.25

Visitor- $3.75


You can fill out a form for free/ reduced lunches anytime of the year. Reduced fee is breakfast .30 and lunch is .40


Be sure to check your childs skyward account to keep up with payments, purchases, balances, ect.

Students may also buy extra's each day

Chips: .75

Ice cream: .60

16.9 oz water: 1.25

Juicy juice: .75

Rice Krispie Treat: 1.00

Mini-moon pie: .50

Extra entree with lunch purchase: 1.50

Extra entree without lunch purchase: 2.00

French fries and tator tots: 1.00

Vegetables: .75

Fruit: .75

Milk: .50


Please note that at times the menu may be different from what is listed on website due to food availability.