A New School Year

Dear NMS Parents or Guardians:

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year at Norris Middle School.  The faculty and staff have been working hard to ensure that this year is one of your child's best school years ever.  We have a lot to offer students at NMS.  

First of all we will continue our strive for excellence in learning.  We truly believe that all students can learn all subject and will be constantly stretching your child to do his/her best.  Good enough is not good enough at NMS.

Laying the pathway to college and career is a primary goal of NMS and it all begins with reading.  By middle school, most students know how to read but they may not have developed the "joy of reading."  At NMS, we desire all our students to develop or nurture that deep desire to read.  The continuation of reading skills development cannot take place if your child doesn't read.  Whether your child is reading above, at, or even below grade level, if they stop practicing those skills, they will get left behind.  Therefore, please continue to encourage your child to read and read with them.  In the middle school, this might look differently.  For instance, instead of reading out loud together, get two copies of the same book and read them independently then discuss the books with your child.  You can do this chapter by chapter or at the end of the book.   For more tips on encouraging reading development in your child, contact your child's Reading/Language Arts Teacher or NMS Librarian Kat Hall (  

As always, I encourage feedback from parents so please contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  You can reach me at (865)494-7171 or via email at  

PTSO Officers 2015-2016

President: Amanda Mayes -

Secretary: Dawn

PTSO Treasurer: Tammy Logan –